Metryx Mass Metrology...

ON PRODUCT wafer measurement, LOW COST of Ownership, HIGH RoI and ATOMIC LEVEL repeatability...

Metryx was formed with a view to bringing a
significant change to semiconductor measurement technology

This significant change is now installed and providing SPC to leading edge 300mm volume production processes.

This innovative metrology utilises the simplest of measurement parameters and the very basics of physics – everything has a mass and undergoes mass change during process.

Characterizing a wafer's mass with atomic precision can non-destructively and non-intrusively highlight process problems quicker than any other form of metrology. It does this on actual PRODUCT WAFERS and there is no need for test wafers or using up valuable wafer area by test structures. In essence, understanding a wafer's mass and how it changes as the wafer goes through a manufacturing process can save an exceptional amount of time and wasted wafer runs - all at a fraction of the cost of existing metrology solutions.

In 2002, the company started to sell its unique mass metrology technology to semiconductor manufacturers. Today that technology is in volume production all over the world. It is helping Fabs to ramp production wafers quicker than at any other time before and is also helping Fabs running at capacity to make sure their process is running optimally.